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Sakarya University Computer Engineering Department started education in year 1994-1995.By preparing and updating the course content and programs in accordance with the todays needs and also incorporating academics who has a career in the IT field, We are aimed to provide our students a consistent and strong participation  in their business life.

Computer-information technology is the engine of the globalization process and being the machinist of this engine,computer engineers will be needed for many years.Because of this need,we, the department of computer engineering, are aimed to educate our students about the structure ,design and control  of computer systems .We also try to teach them about the ethical rules which they will need to follow throughout their business life. Because of the importance of english language we give our students one –year preparatory classes about english  language.


Students who graduated from the Department of Computer Engineering will have the job title “Computer Engineer”. Our graduates can work  on establishment and operation of information-processing system and software development applications. General jobs for computer engineer will be Software Engineer, network designer, system analyst, application programmers,  co-founder and executive engineer, database administrator, computer-aided design and implementation of industrial systems, able to take tasks such as research and development engineer.

I wish success to all the students managed to enter our the department.


Prof. Dr. Nejat YUMUŞAK

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