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Design and Dissertation

Design and Dissertation

Graduation Project Content Preparation

The graduation project will be a well-organized book and a useful resource for those interested in the subject, as it will include the knowledge and experience gained over a long period of study. For this reason, some rules should be taken into consideration when preparing the contents of the workbook.

It is the section where the person who completes a long study writes his opinions regardless of the technical and scientific content. Also in this section, during the preparation of the final project, persons and organizations that receive information and resource assistance should be thanked. In this section, the person who completed his / her work can also thank his / her family and friends who supported him / her.

The title of the final study should be determined in such a way as to give an idea to the readers of the book. The title should be neither too short nor long enough to distract attention. For example, “Data Mining” is a general title that cannot give sufficient insight into the graduation work because there are multiple methods in data mining. “An Application in Classification by Decision Tree Techniques in Data Mining” is a complex title because it contains unnecessary words. “Decision Trees in Data Mining” is a sufficient and understandable title to introduce the subject.

The most widely read sections of a graduation project book are summary, introduction and conclusion. For people who just want to get general information about the subject it is usually sufficient to read these three sections. For this purpose, the subject of the study and the important results should be written repeatedly in the abstract, introduction and conclusion
The purpose of the abstract is to provide the reader with a general idea of the subject of the study. In the first paragraph of the abstract, the subject of the study should be introduced. In the other paragraphs, the scope and objectives of the study should be explained step by step, the methods used should be briefly introduced and the main results should be given.
A past perfect tense should be used as the abstract describes a completed study. The narrative should have a passive structure such as “done, completed”.

Working Text
The text of the study should be divided into main sections in order to ensure that the reader can easily follow the graduation work book and easily access the information they are interested in. The first part of each study text should be the introduction and the last part should be the result section.

The introduction section should contain sufficient basic information to enable the reader to understand and evaluate the work without the need to read other publications on the subject, and briefly explain the purpose and purpose of the work. The reason for choosing this topic and why it is important should be well emphasized in the introduction.
The structure of the introduction should be:

  • The definition of the subject should be made once more.
  • If there is any preliminary information that should be known in order to understand the finishing work, it should be explained.
  • If there are previous studies on the same subject, they should be explained and evaluated.
  • The methods used in the study and the reason for the selection of these methods should be explained.

To make it easier for the reader to decide which chapters to read, the following
chapters of the graduation work book should be introduced briefly.

Other Sections
In the following chapters of the final work book, the work outlined in the introduction should be explained in detail. Since these sections will be aimed at people who want to have detailed information about the study or who want to work on the same subject, the final study should be explained step by step without skipping important information. Usually, the readers of the graduation work book read the first paragraph of each main chapter and try to get an idea about that chapter. For this, the first paragraph of each main section should outline that section.

The expression should be strengthened with figures and tables in order to evaluate and understand the graduation work more easily. If the graduation is an experimental study, the results obtained from the experiments should be given in tables and the evaluation of the results should be facilitated. In non-experimental finishing studies, there should be an “Application” section except for special cases. This section describes how the system is implemented and the results achieved during the implementation phase. In the application section, it should be ensured that the number of data is large enough to be generalized.

Conclusion Section
Result section is the section where the results obtained from the study are evaluated.The structure of this section should be:

  • The subject of the study should be defined and the methods used should be summarized.
  • The results should be expressed in clear and simple sentences.
  • In experimental studies, main results obtained from evaluation of different experimental results should be explained and generalizations should be made according to these results if possible.
  • In order to provide guidance to those who want to work on this issue, the completion target should be explained to the extent to which the goal was initially determined, the superior and missing aspects of the study, and recommendations for future studies should be indicated.